Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between The GROW Inc. and other accounting or CPA firms?

GROW Inc. provides you answers AND strategies to address the issues you may be encountering as a small business owner. Today, so many accounting and CPA firms will give you the final product such as financial statements, tax returns, etc. but will not tell you what they mean or what you need to do to fix any issues. The team at The GROW Inc. will help you strategize a plan to help you improve the bottom line income or cash flow for your company or for you, individually.

Why does it cost so much for a Corporate tax return to be completed?

Compiling a corporate tax return requires long term, ongoing education in addition to the discipline needed to stay on top of the IRS ever changing guidelines. Additionally, the liability associated with signing off on a tax return is also a costly component of the charge for preparing a corporate tax return. The GROW Inc. actually saves you money when compared to other accounting and CPA firms. We are not the least expensive tax return preparer but we are less expensive than most of the other tax return preparation companies.

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